A Photographic Journey 'is a project that talks about ways of looking, to tell stories without words, to travel through the other's eyes. Five photographers delve into a journey of 14 days, during which they have made a daily snapshot. 
Commisioned by Blanca Álvarez Herrero y Aïda Esteve Birba
Exhibited at Studiostore Barcelona 
From 01/10/2014 till 14/10/2014 

(Del lat. Antipodes, and east of gr.? Ντίποδες, antipodes).
1. locs. DSSA. Instead or radically different or opposite position.
When starting this project was intended to recall moments of my childhood and adolescence lived in my home country Costa Rica. Trying to find in my memory I decided not to approach her regularly, but where those memories could flee back renewed and different; so I went to the opposite end of the world where I could find out something never seen before in person. I looked at this antipode situations detonate me a memory and activate some kind of old emotion. I putting myself in a complex situation but willing, I played consciousness with imprecision and distance.
I turned to the pursuit of those memories in my unknown continent: Asia. The destination chosen Nepal, a country of giant mountains, jungle and forest. Contrary to what he imagined the land of Buddha turned out to be very similar to mine in nature, but extremely different in culture and ethnicity as expected. In this constant comparison of people and landscapes it was that I found a concept that satisfied me and motivated me to finish shaping this project.
Imprecisely Nepal is a geographic Antípoda where I grew up, the challenge was to somehow bring these latitudes counter and expose a clear and powerful way this inevitable contrast. How to Invest East to West relive my past? How to show my vision of this country came from the other end of the world? How literalize distortion criteria and experiences?
The answers to these questions found in the concept of Antípoda and action to follow was to invest the polar coordinates of the photographs to make them understood what the right day. As a result I found pictures depicting the social and cultural distortion with which I faced my memories where the world is geo- provisions contrary.
Importantly, there is little naive in this process, as this comparison stops in Europe and Art History, the images are inspired by Chagall, Friedrich, Ives Klein among other artists and forwarded to Western art through subtleties as Pietas, surrealism and philosophical debates about photography and memory as those posed by Barthez, everything happens for a classic filter academicized and eventually profit invoked three continents.
Flip the world to return to the origins, to the mother, the womb, mountain and clouds always present on both sides of the planet, full of beautiful and endearing rain.